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Monday, July 21, 2008

Computers can endanger health

Apart from eye strain and finger strain, and the fact that using the damn thing is compulsive, watch your step!!!! I put down my laptop to answer the phone, tripped on the lead for the mouse, because I don't like the touch screen cursor and went flying! Blood all over the place, broken arm, broken leg - okay not broken arm and leg but there was blood. And there will be bruises since I landed flat out on the floor. Hoisted myself up and staggered to the phone only to hear a ship's siren and an automated voice saying - This is your captain speaking. One advantage of automated calls - you can say what you like and they can't hear you.
Oh good grief - I hope I hadn't just won a cruise.


Dawn said...

Oh Barbara, be careful.
As for the cruise. ROFL.
Probably a time share salesman.

Laurie said...

Oh, ouch, Barbara. You skeered me with that broken arm and leg bit. So gullible, I am. Hope you heal quickly. Another hazard of our occupation.

Kate said...

But what about the laptop? Was it okay? Oh, sorry, I sound just like my husband.

Yes, you had me going for a bit with the broken arm and leg bit too. Hope you don't ache for too long. I'll swear floors get harder as you get older.